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Cryptocurrency trading implies buying and selling cryptocurrencies on an exchange. You can trade cryptos by assuming their price movements via CFDs (contracts for difference).
CFDs are leveraged derivatives, indicating you can trade cryptocurrency price directions without owning any underlying coins. While trading derivatives, you can go long (‘buy’) if you believe the value of a cryptocurrency will rise or short (‘sell’) if you think it will fall.

By difference, when you purchase cryptocurrencies on an exchange, you buy the coins themselves. So to put up the total worth of the asset to unlock a position and store the tokens in your wallet until you’re prepared to sell, you’ll need to start an exchange account.
You can trade cryptocurrencies through a CFD account – derivative products that allow you to imagine whether your preferred cryptocurrency will rise or fall in value. But, of course, prices are quoted in standard currencies like the U.S. dollar, and you never own any cryptocurrency.
You can unlock a position for just a speck of the total value of the trade, which means CFDs are leveraged products. Unfortunately, although leveraged products can heighten your profits, they can amplify losses if the market moves against you.
However, equivalent to trading in equities and commodities, cryptocurrency trading is filled with risks and pitfalls. To get long-term benefits from crypto trading, market enthusiasts must develop strategies to make trading fun and safe. Let us start with techniques that can help you get favorable returns.
This trading strategy requires you to enter and exit positions on the same day. The purpose of a trader while assuming such a trade is to book profits amongst intraday price trends in a cryptocurrency of his choice. Investors often depend on technical indicators to decide entry and exit points for particular crypto for a successful trade.
Market players also count on experienced analysts, who hand out support and resistance levels daily. ‘Resistance’ refers to the point at which the price may increase; therefore, a resistance level is a price past the current price. In disparity, ‘Support’ is a level below which a crypto price is not supposed to dip; therefore, a support level is invariably below the current price.
This cryptocurrency trading strategy involves using boosted trading volumes to book profit. Although the risk is involved, an intelligent trader is watchful of the margin requirement and other important rules to avoid terrible trading experiences. Scalpers analyze the crypto asset, past trends, and volumes and select an entry and exit point within a day.
An algorithmic trading scheme used by quant traders is HFT. This implicates developing algorithms and trading bots that assist quickly entering and exiting a crypto asset. Developing such bots requires understanding complex market concepts and robust learning of mathematics and computer science. Therefore, it is more appropriate for advanced traders than beginners.
When searching for the perfect entry and exit point in a crypto market, it is most helpful to presume that timing the market is next to impossible. Therefore, a relatively rational way to invest in cryptos is ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ (DCA). DCA directs to investing a fixed amount at regular intervals. This strategy allows investors to do away with the cumbersome position of timing the markets and building wealth in the long term.
However, the exit strategy could also be challenging in the DCA style. It requires the analysis of the market trend and an understanding of the market cycle. Reading technical charts can also enable you to exit at a proper time. Crypto investors should scan oversold and overbought regions before taking a call.
As with any other type of investing, one must first understand what they are getting into before investing. So here are a few suggestions to keep in mind before starting cryptocurrency trading:
The crypto market is still in its early stages and just a decade old. Hence, it is much more volatile and still needs more regulation from authorities. This makes it almost impossible to retrieve any investments in case of forgery or hacks. To add to this, creating a cryptocurrency that looks legitimate but turns out to be a scam is straightforward.
Ensure that your long-term financial security is taken care of through Fixed Deposits, Equity Mutual Funds, Debt Funds, necessary insurance, emergency funds, etc. In addition, if you are considering investing in cryptocurrencies, this is money you manage to lose and remain unaffected financially.
It is effortless to blindly invest by taking tips from friends or acquaintances. Yet, know that this is your money, and no one will rescue you if the investment fails. Hence, it is better to comprehend the cryptocurrency market before investing money in it. Scrutinize the prevailing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Polygon, and more. Learn about their cases and their ability before making any investment decisions.
It is common for cryptocurrency exchanges to get hacked or con investors. Therefore, ensure that you make your account with a large exchange that is historically credible and has insurance in place in case of a hack.
If you are more serious about cryptocurrency investments, it makes sense to learn how to create digital wallets or purchase a trusted hard wallet to safeguard your assets. In addition, study liquidity mining, staking, decentralized finance, and more to broaden your scope of knowledge.
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