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By Nate Raymond
BOSTON (Reuters) – The founder of a defunct cryptocurrency business was sentenced on Tuesday to more than eight years in prison for defrauding investors and customers out of millions of dollars by marketing a virtual currency called My Big Coin with lies and half-truths.
Federal prosecutors had urged U.S. District Judge Denise Casper in Boston to impose a 13-year prison term on Randall Crater to send a message to others in the first sentencing of a cryptocurrency company founder for a marketing fraud.
While Casper concluded that that request went too far, she rejected Crater's contention that a 30-month prison term was sufficient to punish him for his false claims, including that My Big Coin was a real cryptocurrency backed by gold.
"Certainly cryptocurrency is a newer enterprise, a newer market, a 21st Century market," Casper said. "But the scheme at its core was age-old, and that was fraud."
Crater, who was sentenced to 100 months in total and ordered to forfeit nearly $7.7 million, is expected to appeal. In court, he apologized but said he never meant to defraud anyone.
"I did not set out to steal money from anyone," he said. "That does not mean I am not remorseful."
A jury in July found Crater, 52, guilty of committing wire fraud and making unlawful monetary transactions in a prosecution that spilled out of a precedent-setting case by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
The CFTC's 2018 lawsuit against Crater and his failed company, Nevada-based My Big Coin Inc, led to one of the first court rulings holding that a virtual currency could be considered a commodity within the regulator's jurisdiction.
Prosecutors subsequently secured Crater's indictment in 2019 and accused him of causing investors and customers to lose $7.5 million from 2014 to 2017 with lies about My Big Coin, whose name sounded similar to the popular virtual currency bitcoin.
Prosecutors said those false claims included that My Big Coin was a real virtual currency, was backed by gold and had a partnership with MasterCard. Prosecutors said he used the money to buy cars, jewelry, artwork and antique coins.
(Reporting by Nate Raymond in Boston; Editing by Bill Berkrot)
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Apple Inc maintains workplace policies that unlawfully discourage employees from discussing working conditions, a U.S. labor agency has found. The National Labor Relations Board will issue a complaint targeting the policies and claiming Apple executives made comments that stymied worker organizing unless the company settles first, an agency official said on Monday in an email reviewed by Reuters. The official had sent the email to Ashley Gjovik, a former Apple senior engineering manager who filed complaints against the company in 2021.
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THE HAGUE (Reuters) -Azerbaijan on Tuesday called on judges at the World Court to order Armenia to help demine areas it previously controlled and stop planting explosive devices which prevent Azeri nationals from returning to their former homes. Azerbaijan asked the court, as part of an ongoing larger case, to issue an emergency ruling to order Armenia to give information about the location of the devices to allow for safe demining and stop putting in new mines. "Azerbaijanis are continuing to suffer serious injuries and die because Armenia refuses to share the information that could save them," Azerbaijan's deputy foreign minister Elnur Mammadov told the court.
OpenAI, the creator of the popular chatbot ChatGTP, has released a software tool to identify text generated by artificial intelligence, the company said in a blog post on Wednesday. ChatGPT is a free program that generates textin response to a prompt, including articles, essays, jokes and even poetry, which has gained wide popularity since its debut in November, while raising concerns about copyright and plagiarism. The AI classifier, a language model trained on the dataset of pairs of human-written and AI-written text on the same topic, aims to distinguish text that is written by AI.
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General Motors is developing a lithium deposit mine in Nevada to directly source the material, which is critical for making batteries to power electric vehicles.
Access to free COVID vaccines will continue until the federal supply runs out. But for many, free COVID tests could soon be a thing of the past.


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