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Looking for the most promising cryptocurrency to buy right now, in terms of upside potential over the coming months and years?
If so, this article explores and analyzes 10 of the most promising cryptocurrency to invest in for 2023.
Read on to discover crypto with the best future and the highest long-term upside.
We concluded that the 10 most promising cryptocurrency to buy are listed below:
Meta Masters Guild – Overall Most Promising Cryptocurrency to Invest in
Fight Out – Move-to-Earn Crypto Rewards is an Emerging and Innovative Concept
C+Charge – Revolutionizing Carbon Credits via EV Charging Stations
RobotEra – Build Land, Invest in Real Estate, and Earn Rewards in a New Metaverse
Calvaria – Play Battle Card Games in a P2E Universe
Lucky Block – Leading Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook Backed by LBLOCk Tokens
Tamadoge – Invest in the Future of P2E Gaming and NFTs via the Tamaverse
XRP – Crypto Payments Network Designed for Large Banks and Institutions
BNB – Gain Exposure to the De-Facto Crypto Exchange of Choice
Basic Attention Token – Browser-Based Rewards for Viewing Ads
Gaining exposure to a cryptocurrency is a task that requires investors to research every angle of the respective project.
Therefore, in the following section, we explain everything there is to know about the 10 most promising cryptocurrency to buy in 2023.
Our comprehensive research found that Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is the most promising cryptocurrency to invest in. At this moment in time, MEMAG is raising funds from early investors as part of an exciting presale campaign. MEMAG is building a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem that supports many different genres.
From racing games to roleplaying adventures, MEMAG games are built for mobile devices. This will open up the world of blockchain gaming to the masses. Each game that MEMAG commissions will enable players to earn rewards. However, the concept being developed by MEMAG is known as play-and-earn, rather than play-to-earn.
This is a crucial point to take into account, as many play-to-earn games are simply marketed as an ‘easy’ way to make free money. This is at the expense of the enjoyment factor of each respective game, which ultimately, means that play-to-earn titles are often unsustainable. When this happens, players simply move on to the next ‘money-making’ game.
In comparison, MEMAG is working with industry-leading developers that already have a proven track record in the blockchain and gaming industries. As a result, players will be attracted to the games themselves rather than as a means to generate income. This isn’t, however, to say that players cannot earn rewards when playing MEMAG games.
On the contrary, the incentivization aspect still remains in place, with players having the opportunity to earn GEMS tokens throughout the entire portfolio of Meta Masters Guild titles. GEMS can be used to buy in-game assets or converted to MEMAG tokens.
MEMAG is the primary, utility token of the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem and ultimately, the best way to invest in the project. The presale campaign is offering MEMAG tokens at $0.01. Those that are late to the presale will find that in the following stage, the price of MEMAG will have increased to $0.016.
As such, MEMAG is the overall most promising cryptocurrency to invest in – not only in terms of its innovative blockchain-based play-and-earn model, but because of its attractive upside potential.
Visit MEMAG Presale
Fight Out is the most promising cryptocurrency to buy from within the move-to-earn industry. This niche marketplace is growing at a rapid pace, not least because people are motivated to exercise and live healthier lifestyles. At Fight Out, motivation comes in the form of crypto rewards.
Put simply, rewards are paid to Fight Out users when the individual performs a physical activity. This might include anything from cycling and boxing to yoga and jogging. Either way, each individual exercise will be rewarded in REPS tokens, which are unique to the Fight Out ecosystem. The size of the reward will depend on the exercise itself.
In other words, the more strenuous and long-lasting the movement is the more REPS that the user will accumulate. Fight Out is looking to take the move-to-earn concept to heights never previously experienced. This will come in the shape of a mobile app that will connect real-world exercises to the blockchain.
In the longer term, this will include other web3 technologies, such as the metaverse. The Fight Out metaverse will offer unlimited benefits to its members, such as the ability to enter virtual competitions with other users. Fight Out will also be launching its own chain of gyms and fitness centers, packed with unique exercise equipment that tracks individual workouts and rewards.
In addition to REPS, Fight Out is backed by another token – FGHT. This is the token that must be used to access all of the core features of the Fight Out app and metaverse. Furthermore, FGHT enables investors to gain exposure to the long-term growth of Fight Out.
Right now, FGHT is available to buy at a presale price of $0.0166 – which is over 50% below the projected crypto exchange listing. This will take place after the presale has finished.
Visit Fight Out Presale
Still looking for a new promising crypto? C+Charge is the most promising cryptocurrency to buy for those that wish to gain exposure to an emerging and high-growth industry – carbon credits. Billions of dollars are spent on carbon credits each and every year from companies that release gas emissions that are above and beyond governmental limits.
At the other end of the scale, both EV (electric car) manufacturers (such as Tesla) and charging station owners have a sizable surplus of carbon credits, which they can then sell in the open market. C+Charge is looking to create a sea-change in this space by ensuring that EV drivers receive their share of this lucrative arena.
The idea is that by charging an EV at a station partnered with C+Charge, EV drivers will earn a portion of the transaction in carbon credits. C+Charge will also partner with EV manufacturers, meanings that consumers will again earn carbon credits when making a purchase. C+Charge is also developing a mobile app that will track all transactions.
The app will also help EV owners find their nearest charging station and ensure that transparent pricing is available. Not only that, but C+Charge has its own utility token – CCHG, which is currently available to buy at a discount via the ongoing presale. Although CCHG tokens are due to increase to $0.0165, a price of $0.013 is still available for those that invest right now.
Visit C+Charge Presale
RobotEra is the most promising cryptocurrency to invest in right now to gain exposure to the metaverse. The RobotEra metaverse enables users to escape reality through digital socialization, alongside the capacity to explore virtual worlds that can be fully customized by stakeholders.
For instance, RobotEra will enable users to invest in metaverse land, owned 100% by the individual and secured on the Ethereum blockchain via an NFT. There will also be the option of building virtual bricks and mortar on the purchased land, for instance, developing a hotel or stadium.
Users can then look to monetize their creations from rental agreements with other RobotEra players. For instance, renting rooms in a virtual hotel on a per-night basis. RobotEra will also create a fun and safe environment for users to enjoy games that are not hosted elsewhere. In fact, users even have the ability to create their games.
Once again, this presents an opportunity to generate income in the RobotEra metaverse. Each and every transaction in the RobotEra metaverse will be conducted in TARO tokens. This is the ERC-20 token that is unique to the project. Not only is TARO the most promising new cryptocurrency, but the ongoing presale is still offering a sizable discount for early investors.
Visit RobotEra Presale
One of the most promising crypto projects for 2023 is Calvaria. This is a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that, once launched, will be home to state-of-the-art graphics and features, alongside the ability to generate income. Calvaria has spotted a huge gap in the market, by developing a battle card game infrastructure that rewards skill and dedication with RAI.
RAI is the native cryptocurrency that backs and fuels the Calvaria ecosystem. The game itself – which is branded as the Duels of Eternity, takes a player-vs-player mechanism. This means that players will compete against one another, with winning duels not only determined by the battle cards held, but the decisions made by each participant.
By earning RAI, players can amplify their future odds of winning battles by upgrading their stack of cards. Crucially, in doing so, the player will always own their battle cards outright. This is because each card, alongside any other in-game assets found in the Duels of Eternity, is backed by NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
Investors with a keen eye on the future growth of play-to-earn games like Calvaria might view RAI as the overall most promising cryptocurrency to buy. Calvaria is already in stage five of its presale and thus – RAI tokens are selling fast. With that said, there are 10 stages in total, so investing now still offers an upside considering that the price increases after each presale phase.
Visit Calvaria Presale
Lucky Block is a prime example of how blockchain, crypto, and other web3 technologies can revolutionize an entire industry. In this instance, Lucky Block has taken control away from centralized gambling operators and back into the hands of players. In turn, Lucky Block is now witnessing a wave of sign-ups from gamblers of all shapes and sizes.
We found that it takes just 30 seconds to join Lucky Block, considering that its casino does not ask for KYC documents or any personal information at all for that matter. Moreover, after making a withdrawal request, Lucky Block approves the payout instantly. This means that the winnings will be received in the stated wallet in minutes.
Lucky Block not only offers thousands of classic casino games – such as blackjack and roulette but a huge selection of slots. There is also a sportsbook facility at Lucky Block which offers industry-leading odds on everything from soccer and tennis to rugby and baseball. Lucky Block accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and BNB.
In the coming weeks, Lucky Block will also begin accepting its own native cryptocurrency as a means to deposit and withdraw funds – LBLOCK. This dual crypto token (ERC and BNB standards) was launched in early 2022 via a presale that raised more than $5 million. Taking into account current bear market conditions, an investment in LBLOCK offers notable value.
Visit Lucky Block
Tamadoge is another top-rated blockchain-based project that makes this list of the most promising cryptocurrency to invest in. The overarching concept is based on a play-to-earn game that requires users to adopt and care for a virtual pet. When connecting to Tamadoge for the first time, players will mint an NFT which will generate a unique pet with random traits.
To improve the pet’s traits, users will need to ensure that it is well-fed and that it engages in regular training exercises. In doing so, this will increase the player’s chance of winning battles, which are executed on a pet-vs-pet basis. By winning battles, users will earn TAMA tokens. This is the ERC-20 token native to Tamadoge.
The roadmap within the Tamadoge whitepaper showcases plenty of ambitious targets in the next 24 months. This includes an eventual transition to web3 technologies, such as augmented reality. The idea here is that players will be able to enter the Tamadoge metaverse (Tamaverse) through the mobile app for a fully immersive gaming experience.
Tamadoge has also launched its own set of NFTs that can be purchased on OpenSea, each of which has its own rarities and underlying value. TAMA is now available to buy on the open market from several leading exchanges. This could be the most promising cryptocurrency to buy based on current prices, and is definitely one to watch at the very least.
Visit Tamadoge
Those in the market for an established project might consider XRP as the most promising cryptocurrency to buy. There are several reasons why this hallmark project has the required characteristics to witness a major upward trend once the next bull market arrives. At the forefront of this is the underlying technology – Ripple.
Ripple is a payments network that primarily serves large banks and institutions. The technology is looking to compete with SWIFT, which currently dominates the inter-banking industry. Unlike SWIFT, Ripple is fast, cheap, and highly scalable. Ripple transactions, irrespective of the currencies being exchanged, cost micro-pennies and take less than five seconds to process.
Ripple’s native cryptocurrency – XRP, is used to create liquidity when two competing currencies are being transferred. As such, XRP is very much a utility token. As of writing, XRP is trading at $0.40 per token. This could be the most promising cryptocurrency to invest in from a value perspective, considering that XRP’s former all-time high stands at $3.84.
Buy XRP with eToro
Although there are hundreds of crypto exchanges active in this industry, Binance dominates the space by unprecedented levels. For example, in the 24 hours prior to writing, Binance facilitated nearly $18 billion in daily trading volume. The next highest was Coinbase, at just $1.7 billion.
Such a large dominance in the broader digital asset arena means that Binance’s native token – BNB, could be the most promising cryptocurrency to buy. BNB not only offers Binance exchange users reduced discounts, but it backs the BSc (Binance Smart Chain) network.
Another reason to consider BNB is that the overall supply of tokens is regularly reduced by Binance. This ensures that BNB becomes a scarcer cryptocurrency as time goes by. The all-time high of BNB stands at over $650. At the time of writing, BNB is trading more than 50% below this figure. Hence, this presents a notable entry price.
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Basic Attention Token is an established blockchain project that was launched in 2017. It removes the need for third parties in the global advertisement space, which benefits both digital marketers and the end user. By downloading the Brave browser, users will have access to the Basic Attention Token earning mechanism.
Put simply, users will earn BAT when they come across an online advertisement. Hence, users are rewarded for their attention. Crucially, any advertisement viewed by the user will be relevant to their interests.
This means that marketing companies can be confident that advertisement campaigns are being put in front of the right audience. Not only is the Brave browser now home to over 55 million monthly active users, but its native token – BAT, carries a market capitalization of under $400 million as of writing. This means that there is still plenty of upside on offer.
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Here’s a quick overview of how we selected the 10 most promising cryptocurrencies for this article:
Value: The most promising crypto tokens to buy are those that offer value from an investment perspective. For example, presale purchases made in MEMAG, Fight Out, and C+Charge offer a huge discount when compared to the eventual exchange listing.
Utility: We only focus on cryptocurrencies that have actual utility.
Industry: We also prefer crypto assets that operate in high-growth industries, such as play-and-earn gaming and EV charging.
Price Potential: Investors enter the crypto market to generate growth of their capital. As such, the most promising cryptocurrencies discussed today each offer an attractive upside in the long run.
Investors should always conduct their own research when choosing cryptocurrencies to invest in.
The most promising crypto projects for 2023 have been analyzed and ranked in this article. Each project discussed today offers an attractive upside based on key factors such as innovation, target market, pricing potential, and value.
Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is perhaps the most promising crypto with the best future, considering its innovative play-and-earn concept that could revolutionize mobile gaming. Value investors will appreciate that MEMAG tokens are currently on presale. As such, discounted prices are available to those that invest in the presale early.
Visit MEMAG Presale
What is the most promising cryptocurrency?
The most promising crypto projects to explore today include Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) and Fight Out (FGHT). Both of these projects are in the very early stages of their presale launch, so investors can buy MEMAG and FGHT tokens at an attractive entry price, in anticipation of the first exchange listing.
Which crypto coin has the best future?
The most promising cryptocurrency to trade for future potential is MEMAG – the native token of the Meta Masters Guild project. By purchasing MEMAG today at presale prices, investors can gain exposure to a new breed of play-and-earn mobile gaming.
What’s the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now?
The next big crypto to keep an eye on is MEMAG, a play-and-earn project that is bringing gaming rewards to mobile users. Additionally, Fight Out is worth adding to the watch list for its move-to-earn concept, which rewards users for working out. Both projects are available to buy right now via a presale campaign. ​​
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